Bonfire: We will not stop, we will not rest, and…?

Bonfire: We will not stop, we will not rest, but and…?
Session 9: solidarity teach-ins & conversations for Palestine
29 May 2024 / 18:00 CEST / via zoom

Student encampments have spread globally. From both within and beyond the academy, we watch (and for those who can, we do more…), and this watching brings with it a range of questions. What is it about the university space that renders these encampments both symbolically and materially baked into the colonial/modern order of things? What does it mean to see university buildings and spaces repurposed and renamed to honor Hind Rajab, Refaat Alareer, and others? To watch the lovely quads and lawns of the neoliberal learning complex become literal battlegrounds for the confrontation between transnational solidarity and the police state? What do these confrontations tell us about the currently constrained vision of academia and how can these encampments provide us with a new way to re-imagine learning and academic spaces? How can we engage with, build on, and consider student mobilization movements in relation to the wider context of colonial capitalism and entrenched modes of oppression in academia?

Join us for a bonfire as we collectively share, process, think through, and make sense of these and other questions this moment brings up. For those who are actively involved in the encampments, we also want to hear your  thoughts on how we can amplify, support, and mobilize with you (transnationally, across borders). As always, the bonfire is an open-format, informal space for discussion and collective sense-making. 

We will be joined by Samar Saeed, Ph.D. candidate in the History Department at Georgetown University. Samar will share her experience in the US academic space as it relates to Palestinian solidarity movements and the active silencing confronting them.

This session is part of our ongoing series of solidarity teach-ins & conversations for Palestine.


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