We’ve been there ourselves. We know how attempting to get into grad school can be taxing intellectually, emotionally, and financially, especially if you’re a first-generation academic and from outside the ‘west’. Through our S/SM Helpdesk initiative, we aim to support MA/PhD hopefuls from the global souths who are applying to social and political studies programs. To be sure, we are not coming from a place where we see ourselves as ‘experts’ but rather as peers on a similar footing.

To participate, simply send us your working proposal, personal statement, and a webpage link to your chosen graduate program at organize@southsouthmovement.org.

Depending on the number of interested applicants, we are ready to organise a virtual group workshop on writing MA/PhD applications and/or one-on-one mentoring sessions on a rolling basis.

Since we are a small, independent student-led outfit, we have very limited to zero capacity to offer support in terms of funding your application fees. But we are more than happy to try looking for possible mutual aid sponsors in our community, as needed.

Our specialisms are limited to public policy, international relations, and politics, but we will try to match applicants with suitable peers, if necessary.

If you would like to support this initiative as feedback givers or as sponsors, please reach out to us at organize@southsouthmovement.org.