South/South Writing Workshop

Finding the right supportive, yet critical, audience for our work as graduate students, early career researchers, and scholars for/from the global souths is often a challenge. Writing outside the mold of eurocentric knowledge production is another challenge that we also face.

To cope with these challenges, we are hosting the South/South Writing Workshop: a monthly virtual meet up where we share our written work in a safe, constructive, and critical space. Come share your work, support others by reading theirs as we build together a space for open discussion as peers with an ethics of care.

We are open to discussing any genre of academic or non-academic writings:

  • Dissertation chapters
  • Journal articles
  • Grant applications
  • Teaching philosophy statements
  • Teaching portfolios
  • Syllabi
  • Book proposals
  • Abstracts
  • Conference papers
  • Essays
  • OpEds

We are happy to open 10 slots for a workshop we intend to host on 24 October 2024 (co-organized by Andya Paz and Freya Cumberlidge). If interested, please sign up here:

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