MUSINGS: Museums and interpretations of the global souths

The MUSINGS project proposes to explore the concept and representation of the ‘global souths’ in the context of curated places:  museums, archives and collections. By revisiting museums, archives, buildings, monuments, and repositories of objects, artefacts, and artworks, MUSINGS means to collaboratively explore and critically engage with the specific forms of knowledge generation and the different forms, manifestations and interpretations of ‘southernness’ beyond the academy.

How and where can we ‘read’ and encounter the global souths in and through these spaces? How are such spaces represented? In what ways can museums enact sites of critical thinking about the social and the political? What do they tell us about the ruptures our societies face today and the futures we might imagine?

In conversation with artists, art curators, archivists, researchers, activists and museum educators we aim to organise a series of guided museum visits, talks, ‘uncomfortable’ city walks, workshops, talks and other community events to explore these questions.

MUSINGS is convened by Szilvia Nagy. This project is open to sponsorships. If you would like to sponsor this project, please reach out to us at To collaborate with us as co-organisers and project members, please sign up below.

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    The visual marker of MUSINGS proudly bears Charvet—a typeface created by Kenyan graphic artist Kevin Karanja and his ‘love for Ancient African typography and geometrics’.