What would research look like if we took it out of its academic and theoretical ivory tower and grounded it in activism and community? Who should academic research be for? What does it mean to do critical and socially engaged research? How does activist research work? How can we work with indigenous and grassroots knowledges and methods in a collaborative and not appropriative way? 

These are some of the questions we raise in this group. We intend to foreground methods and methodologies that center critical/indigenous epistemologies from the Global South(s), community-grounded scholarship, feminist/queer approaches, participatory action research, knowledge cultivation ‘from below’, decolonial thinking and praxis, interpretivism, nontextual knowledges, and other standpoints that attempt to overcome the politics of academic production that privileges top-down, positivist, Eurocentric ways of knowing in social and political studies.

Among other things, we aim to organize:

  • conversations with scholar-activists and critical methodologists;
  • writing workshops to discuss our works-in-progress together as peers; 
  • reading group sessions to question what counts as authoritative ways of ‘producing’ knowledge in/for the academy; and
  • paper presentations and methodological workshops for graduate researchers. 

This initiative is convened by Taraf Abu Hamdan.

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