Here we go again with the C-word!

How does the ‘colonial’ rear its ugly head in our social and political realities, from the quotidian to the structural sense? In what ways does it (in)form or foil our research? What strategies can we use to normalise questioning the colonial in and outside the academy? 

Everyone is invited to join our open-format bonfire conversation on these questions. We will attempt to link our discussion to Aimé Césaire’s Discourse on Colonialism and its unceasing significance to today’s geopolitical milieu. If possible, please read the piece beforehand.

This gathering also marks the kickoff meeting of our ‘Countering the Colonial’ project. Together, we will brainstorm and define the project’s activities, including community events, publications, conference panels, advocacies, and so on.

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    Image credit: Frederick Kemmelmeyer, ‘First Landing of Christopher Columbus’, 1800/1805, National Gallery of Art,