Transnational Solidarities: Resisting Racism, Genocide and Settler Colonialism via Angela Davis’ Freedom is a Constant Struggle

People walk past a mural of George Floyd painted on a section of Israel’s separation barrier* in the city of Bethlehem in the West Bank on March 31, 2021. Source: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES.
Transnational Solidarities: Resisting Racism, Genocide and Settler Colonialism via Angela Davis’ Freedom is a Constant Struggle
March 26th, 18:00 CET
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*This graffiti is on the israeli apartheid wall.

From the Black liberation movement in the USA to the fight for Palestinian survival and self-determination, join South/South Movement as we collectively explore the intersectionality of struggles and contemplate what ways transnational solidarities can materialize today through the work of legendary activist Angela Davis. 

Fired from her professorship at UCLA’s Department of Philosophy due to her activism and membership in the Communist Party, Angela Davis was placed on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List, preluding her eventual arrest and incarceration. She was acquitted after 16 months in prison due mostly in part to a global solidarity campaign to free Davis from prison. Born in the heart of the American Civil Rights/Liberation Movement, Davis has persisted in the global fight against injustice, inspiring thousands to identify and protest oppression through sharing her experiences and insights into activism.    

Davis is one of the most prolific voices in radical feminism, black liberation and transnational solidarity movements. From the prison-industrial-complex’s effects on migrant border detentions to sexual violence in racial capitalist settings, Davis has fought for social justice causes across the globe, leading her to publish Freedom is a Constant Struggle. Our session will cover Chapter 10 “Transnational Solidarities” where Davis informs readers that an intersectionality need not be based on identities, but struggles. Please join us as we investigate how our struggles connect us and how our transnational and intersectional solidarities can materialize into tangible actions. 

Attendees are encouraged to read Chapter 10 and are welcome to read previous chapters in the book to have more context and scope of Angela Davis’ perspective. However, attendees do not have to read the text before attending. All are encouraged to participate, ask questions and contribute.  

Reading: Chapter 10 of Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine and the Foundations of a Movement

This event, co-organized with Adam Smith, is part of our Palestine Solidarity Series. The event is meant to provide an open space to communicate together about resistance, liberation, oppression, and solidarity. Inflammatory or hate speech will not be tolerated.