Session 3: Whose international law is it anyway?

After a hiatus, we return with another reading group session in our ‘Whose International Law is it Anyways’ series. This time around, we discuss B.S. Chimni’s text, ‘The Geopolitics of Refugee Studies: A view from the South’.   

Through Chimni, we ask questions such as: What is the relationship between international law and politics? How does international law see refugees and refugee-generating events? How, if at all, does the global North exercise control over international law and international institutions? And how can we re-imagine international law and what would a ‘new new approach’ to international law look like? 

This discussion series is open to all—academics, activists, and all of us in between. 

Date: 26 June 2024 

Time: 17:00 CET, via zoom.  

Link to the text will be sent upon registration. 

Links to Previous sessions:  

Session 1: Adom Getachew, “Worldmaking After Empire”  

Session 2 : Antony Anghie, “The Evolution of International Law: Colonial and Postcolonial Realities”  


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