As a construct, the “Global South” is polarizing and contested. While some find conceptual promise in it as a discursive alternative to “developing countries” or the “Third World”, others find it limited/limiting as it orientates the Global North as core to the peripheralized South. For some, the binary that the Global North/Global South terminology proposes erases the histories, struggles, and shared experiences of those who have been dispossessed across the globe in the face of colonialist and capitalist practices. Is there value, however, in re-claiming the “Global South”? Is southernness necessarily bounded by geography? Instead, can we consider it in terms of shared lived experiences and positionalities transnationally? How can we think of, and concretize, it as a “subversive practice“?

For our second installment of RE/THINKING THE GLOBAL SOUTH/S, we will be holding an in-person potluck in Budapest and an open conversation to think through the meanings of the Global South(s), southernness/otherness, and possible openings for solidarities within and among different “peripheries” and “othered” peoples. If you’re inclined to do so, please take a look at our working, non-exhaustive Global South/s Reading List and let us know about other resources that you think should be on our reading list (we are still learning ourselves)!

We will be hosted at Szeszgyár’s garden space, and together, we will cook, eat, and discuss. The venue is located at Budapest, Szeszgyár u. 12, 1086.

The event is planned for Thursday, October 27th (14:00–17:00) and will be in two parts:

  1. 14:00–15:00: We will forage in the organic garden and prepare a stew** for our meal. Please feel free to bring food and beverage to share as well.
  2. 15:00–17:00: We will gather around a bonfire and share ideas over a hearty meal.

For those interested in joining, please register below so that we can make sure to count you in for the meal. Please bring something to sit on and layers for warmth.



    SZESZGYÁR (‘sez-geeyar’, /ˈszeszɟaːr/) is a queer, vegan ecofeminist community space and nature preserve in the 8th district of Budapest, on Szeszgyár (distillery) Street.

    It’s an active research project on how to critically and joyfully engage with the current fascist and homophobic Hungarian government’s propaganda and more broadly with the destructive nature of capitalism and patriarchy.

    Their space is a 50m² storefront with three small rooms and a big, bright shared room and right opposite of it a two-acre land, unused for the past 20+ years that they took over less than a year ago. Both spaces are rented from private owners without any funding other than small donations they receive. Please consider supporting them on Patreon or Paypal, if you can, and amplify their cause in your own communities. To learn more about SZESZGYÁR, please follow them on Facebook and Instagram.