NON-WESTERN IMPERIALISMS: Russia’s war on Ukraine & constellations of solidarity

Russia’s war on Ukraine forces us to think about non-western imperial projects and those that have laboured, and continue, to subvert them. Anna Engelhardt and Darya Tsymbalyuk will talk about their experiences of resisting Russian imperialist violence, and how for them these experiences have been a starting point for building solidarity networks and learning from other people and communities struggling against non-western imperialisms. Decolonial approaches have been dominated by critiques of the West, which have led to a deliberate downplaying or accidental overlooking of Russia as an imperial power, as well as other oppressive imperial/colonial regimes outside the West. At the same time, the traditional Global North/Global South divide often omits Ukraine and other countries once colonised by the Russian Empire. Thinking about constellations of solidarity, Darya and Anna are looking to facilitate stronger conversations between people of the so-called ‘post-Soviet’ space and other people resisting non-western imperialisms elsewhere.

About our fellow travellers:

Darya Tsymbalyuk researches, writes, and draws. Her work lies between intersectional environmental and decolonial approaches, and in her projects she engages stories and cultures from Ukraine. She is currently a Max Hayward Visiting Fellow at St Antony’s College, University of Oxford.

Anna Engelhardt is an alias of a research-based media artist and writer. While her PhD aims to situate Russian military technologies within a broader colonial matrix, her practice examines post-Soviet (cyber)space through a decolonial lens, with an overarching aim of dismantling Russian imperialism.

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