It’s been over two decades since the publication of ‘Provincializing Europe’now widely feted as an influential writing in postcolonial theory. To what extent and in what ways has this intellectual project left a mark in European Studies? And where is it going in the broader context of ongoing conversations around moving away from Eurocentrism and squashing mythologies about socio-political modernity? As critical students of Europe from different (trans)disciplinary orientations, how might we de-parochialise that which is ‘non-Europe’ in (re)searching world politics in our pasts, presents, and futures?

Engaging with these questions, the EUROGLOT Research Network at South/South Movement is pleased to organise a reading group session on ‘Provincializing Europe: Postcolonial Thought and Historical Difference’ by Dipesh Chakrabarty (2000). The text is available here:

This session marks the third and final installment of our reading group series on decolonial and postcolonial perspectives on Europe. Due to time constraints, we will discuss the introduction and first chapter of the book only.

To join our session, please register below:

    Note: The image above is derived from a photographic print of the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, ca. 1860–90, available via the Library of Congress.