EUROGLOT reading group series: decentring europe: why, how, for whom?

If we yielded to the scholarly appeal of ‘decentring’ Europe, what commitments would this undertaking demand and for whom? In what ways would the decentring agenda intellectually and (geo)politically differ from, or (as some insist) align with, the decolonial option? Engaging with these questions, the EUROGLOT Research Network at South/South Movement is pleased to organise a reading group session on ‘The Decentring Agenda: Europe as a post-colonial power’ by Nora Fisher Onar and Kalypso Nicolaïdis (2013). The text is available here:

This session marks the second installment of our reading group series on decolonial and postcolonial perspectives on Europe. It builds on our inaugural session concerning Gurminder K. Bhambra’s ‘A Decolonial Project for Europe’. Coincidentally, the European Studies in a Relational Universe (RELATE) Research Network is hosting a related seminar by Nora Fisher Onar on ‘Decentring European Foreign Policy through Contrapuntal Listening: A Relational Agenda’. This takes place online just before our reading group session and might be an interesting opportunity for those looking to complement their reading of the 2013 text.

To join our session, please register below:

    Note: The image above is derived from Charles Rivière’s tinted lithograph depicting the Tuileries Palace in Paris with pedestrians in the foreground, ca. 1870–79, available via the Library of Congress.