Euroglot Book Club: ‘Democracy without politics in EU citizen participation’ by Alvaro Oleart

Is the democratisation of the EU possible without addressing capitalist and colonial exploitation? How can we imagine EU democracy from a decolonial perspective?  Rather than a typical book presentation, this book club opens up a space of reflection on how the idea of EU democracy relates to remaining colonial relations. 

Engaging with these questions, in the framework of EUROGLOT Research Network at South/South Movement we will discuss chapters 1 and 2 from Alvaro Oleart‘s recently published book, “Democracy Without Politics in EU Citizen Participation: From European Demoi to Decolonial Multitude” ( 

In a panel discussion format between Alvaro Oleart, Rahel Weldeab Sebhatu, Peo Hansen, Louisa Parks, and Siddharth Tripathi, the discussion will bring together academic and political perspectives, contributing to emerging debates on democracy beyond the nation-state. Based on the shared chapters (after registration) the event also invites the audience for participation and offers an opportunity to open up broader political questions (and potentially integrating ongoing political issues).