decolonial europe day

The time to decolonise Europe is now!

On 9 May 2023, the first edition of the Decolonial Europe Day will take place in online format. This new initiative uses the occasion of Europe Day (9 May every year) to bring together existing decolonising initiatives, civil society organisations, and other actors around the common project of decolonising Europe, understood as an ongoing process.

Our intention is to create a space for exchange on how to decolonise Europe, to amplify decolonial voices in and on Europe, to support the creation of synergies and to make this type of conversation more mainstream in Europe, with the ultimate purpose of dismantling and replacing colonial power structures.

The online event on 9 May 2023 will include nine sessions on the topics of decolonisation, anti-racism, justice, reparations, identity and much more, offered by our partner organisations, as well as plenary sessions with moderator Samie Blasingame and professor Gurminder Bhambra. Don’t hesitate and register now!