Bonaventure Muzigirwa Munganga

Bonaventure Muzigirwa Munganga holds a BA in English from ISP/Bukavu-DR Congo, an MA in Literary Stylistics from the University of Birmingham-UK, and a PhD in English literary studies from UNSW-Sydney (completion expected in October 2022). He is currently a casual academic staff in Academic Writing at the University of Sydney and serves as co-leader of “Curriculum Internationalisation” in the Curriculum project of the Anti-Racism Collective of the faculty of Arts, Design & Architecture, UNSW-Sydney.

Bonaventure’s research interests broadly span Literary and Cultural Theory and Criticism, Aesthetics and Politics, and Philosophy & Literature. He’s particularly interested in Comparative Black and Indigenous Culture, Literature and Arts, with focus on epistemologies, (eco)aesthetic and poetics, posthumanism, postcolonialism and decolonial critique, as well as the possible synergies among these areas to forge (new) interdisciplinary literary and cultural research avenues. Bonaventure’s doctoral thesis, for example, studies how the mesh or the idea of interconnectedness among all beings pollinates Indigenous Australian and African fictions. His postdoctoral project tentatively titled Black Worlds, on the other hand, particularly focuses on black epistemologies in contemporary Afro-Diasporic fiction and aims to offer an understanding of black worlds as interfaces of black ways of viewing and therefore a feature of black aliveness and identities in the contemporary multiple worlds. The project will broadly explore, amongst much else, how black epistemologies intermesh with issues of race, gender, ecology, and identity, and how reading, enacting, and making sense of these worlds is contingent upon the readers’ cultural, political and creative identity.