call for co-organizers

South/South Movement is expanding. Since 2021, our collective has covered quite a bit of ground despite being unfunded, independent, and precarious. Moving forward, we are keen to work with more co-organizers who share our intentions in questioning eurocentric and western-centric knowledge regimes in social and political studies.

At South/South, we take our co-organizers’ agency seriously and work on the basis of collaboration, co-partnership, and reciprocity. If you would like to join our core team and gain experience in co-organizing around topics and themes that matter to you, please consider volunteering for these specific roles (which are unpaid as we are an unfunded collective and maintain our independence through volunteering):

  • Event producer/s (You will help design, plan, execute, and deliver our community events.)
  • WordPress wizard/s (You will maintain and build our website.)
  • Social media buff (You will manage and grow our online presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Bluesky, ideally with a consistent style and tone.)
  • Graphic designer (You will create striking visual content for the collective.)
  • Community outreach lead (You will help grow our Substack newsletters and craft/edit our written content, including public statements.)
  • Writing workshops chair (You will take the lead on coordinating and facilitating our writing workshops.)

Until now, we have mostly tagged-team on these “invisible” labors depending on who has capacity and time in our collective. As we grow, we intend to sustain our organizing space more strategically by co-sharing tasks and responsibilities. Mindful of the next academic cycle, we are recruiting and onboarding co-organizers over the summer (northern hemisphere-wise). If you wish to help build our movement, please sign up here by 30 June 2024:

    The representation above is a fragment of Webb’s “Sagittarius C” image.