EUROGLOT Reading Group Series: A decolonial project for Europe?

In collaboration with the Ghent Institute for International & European Studies and the Learning Network on Decolonization at Ghent University, the EUROGLOT Research Network at South/South Movement was pleased to co-organise a reading group session on Gurminder K. Bhambra’s ‘A Decolonial Project for Europe’. Participants from diverse disciplines joined us as we thought through the colonial (hi)stories of Europe. While this project raises difficult questions, it also creates openings for thought and action around the imperative of postcolonial reparations today.

Marking the first of a reading group series, this hybrid session took place on 28 September 2022, 15:45–16:45 CET, via Zoom and at Ghent University, Room -3.4, Technicum T1, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41.

Note: The image above is derived from a digital file of an original glass plate negative depicting the Royal Palace in Brussels, ca. 1910–15, available via the Library of Congress.